UK Space Agency appoints Avanti to deliver major ICT infrastructure and e-learning programme in Tanzania

(Trade release)

  • Avanti Communications’ iKnowledge programme will provide infrastructure, digital training and educational content to teachers in up to 250 rural Tanzanian schools
  • Delivered under the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP)

Avanti Communications has been appointed by the UK Space Agency to deliver a major ICT infrastructure and e-learning programme to teachers in Tanzania. The leading satellite operator has been awarded the contract under the agency’s International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP), which exists to open up opportunities for the UK space sector to share expertise in real-world satellite technology and services overseas.

The iKnowledge programme will equip up to 250 schools in rural and underserved areas of Tanzania with ICT infrastructure. This includes broadband internet via satellite, alongside provision of ICT training and educational content for teachers to apply straight to the classroom. Powered by resilient Ka-band satellite technology, delivery will be supported locally by education NGO Camara Education Tanzania and service provider Infinity Africa Network Ltd.

The year-long programme sets out to provide long term, measurable benefits to teachers in Tanzania. iKnowledge will improve quality levels of teaching in rural and remote areas in core curriculum subjects, alongside advancing teachers’ digital literacy through a sustainable training model.

Matthew O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer at Avanti Communications, said: “Avanti is delighted to be awarded IPSP funding for the provision of crucial ICT infrastructure and training resources to Tanzanian teachers. Powered by Avanti’s leading satellite technology, a sustainable education platform like iKnowledge can create a long-lasting positive ripple effect into thousands of communities in Africa. Our experience in delivering impactful education programmes at scale to the continent is further cemented with this unique partnership.”

Dr David Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said: “The UK Space Agency is delighted to play a role in fostering new international partnerships that not only enable innovative UK space companies like Avanti to provide more high-tech exports that can boost our space sector but also allow the UK to widely share the considerable social and economic benefits that space technology and infrastructure can provide.”

Keith Magee, Camara's Senior Education Specialist said: "Camara Education is excited to be part of the partnership to bring iKnowledge to Tanzanian schools. Camara's considerable experience in supporting Tanzanian schools in embracing ICT through appropriate training and delivery of educational technology will strengthen the partnership. Together we will ensure the measurable outcomes of iKnowledge on the teaching community and broader community around these schools will have a meaningful and long lasting impact for all."




Notes to Editor

About Avanti Communications

Avanti connects people wherever they are – in their homes, businesses, in government and on mobiles. Through the HYLAS satellite fleet and more than 150 partners in 118 countries, the network provides ubiquitous internet service to 27 per cent of the world’s population. Avanti delivers the level of quality and flexibility that the most demanding telecoms customers in the world seek.

Avanti is the first mover in high throughput satellite data communications in EMEA. It has rights to orbital slots and Ka-band spectrum that cover an end market of over 1.5bn people.

The Group has invested $1.2bn in a network that incorporates satellites, ground stations, datacentres and a fibre ring.

Avanti has a unique Cloud based flexible customer interface that is protected by patented technology.

The Group has three satellites in orbit and a further two fully funded satellites under construction.

Avanti Communications is listed in London on AIM (AVN:LSE). Visit:   


About the UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency is at the heart of UK efforts to explore and benefit from space.  It is responsible for all strategic decisions on the UK civil space programme and provides a clear, single voice for UK space ambitions.

The Agency is responsible for ensuring that the UK retains and grows a strategic capability in the space-based systems, technologies, science and applications. It leads the UK’s civil space programme in order to win sustainable economic growth, secure new scientific knowledge and provide benefits to all citizens.

The UK Space Agency:

  • Co-ordinates UK civil space activity
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  • Inspires our next generation of UK scientists and engineers
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