Who we are

Avanti is a British based company founded in 2002 with an audacious vision; to design, build and launch pioneering satellite technology that would provide ubiquitous connectivity even in the most remote or demanding locations.

Today we have the power to connect over 1.7 billion people across 118 countries with a belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to be more secure, empowered and prosperous. With over $1.2 billion invested in the HYLAS, our pioneering high-speed satellite technology, local expertise and entrepreneurial culture, we connect people, communities and countries to new opportunities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

But it’s not just about connectivity. It’s what you do with it that matters. That’s why on the ground, where the greatest challenges lie, we work together with like-minded people and organisations to develop innovative partnerships that deliver better opportunities and even brighter futures. From educating over 300,000 children in Africa to providing connectivity in refugee camps, we provide vital connectivity when and where it’s needed most.

Better opportunities create brighter futures

Our network of satellites and ground stations help realise powerful aspirations from education to enterprise:

  • Governments that want to accelerate digital access and prosperity
  • Mobile operators wishing to bring ubiquitous coverage to their customers
  • Security forces wishing to protect and provide in demanding situations
  • Enterprises looking to move forward through digital transformation
  • Global organisations and charities bringing peace and prosperity to people in need

Our partners range from major Mobile Operators, ISPs and the UK Space Agency through to the UNCHR with our social impact initiatives within Africa.

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Our Culture

Our satellite technology changes lives every day, empowering governments and enabling the businesses to be more competitive – and it’s all made possible through our people.

We have always believed new solutions can only be achieved by working together. Goals that should have been impossible, such as our HYLAS technology, were achieved by dreaming big, pushing the boundaries of science and technology and encouraging fearless collaboration among our global team.

We believe that when people are connected great things can happen and that everyone in the world has the same right to opportunity, no matter who they are or where they live. With employee benefits, flexible working, rewards for performance and the opportunity to travel, Avanti is a place where your work, whether in the sky or on the ground, can positively impact millions of lives around the world every single day.

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