World leaders in Ka-band communications

Technology and innovation is the beating heart of Avanti. Our customers trust us to deliver the very latest high-throughput satellite technology solutions that are both cost-effective and resilient, built around ubiquitous coverage and a secure ground network. In 2010 Avanti were the first British company to launch a Ka-band satellite, HYLAS 1, and the first satellite operator to provide Ka-band services across the UK and Europe. By 2018, HYLAS 4 completed our current fleet of four operational Ka-band satellites, enabling us to serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa with a market coverage of approximately 1.7 billion people. HYLAS 3, built as part of a joint venture with the European Space Agency,  successfully launched on July 2019.

We offer an industry-leading customer experience by ensuring our customer support team are always on hand to provide technical support,  we make sure our network is always-on and our partner programme is helping partners grow, all whilst remaining agile and flexible in order to meet changing market demands and meet our customer’s needs.

Avanti is committed to innovation and futureproofing our customers’ needs. Whether that is 5G or connected transport, we go the extra mile by evolving and adapting to remain on the leading edge of the digital ecosystem.


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Ka-band spot beams allow for higher data throughput.
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Our steerable beams on HYLAS 2 and HYLAS 4 provide dedicated and flexible bandwidth options across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
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Fast deployment and installation via the Avanti Mobile Assist App.
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Our smaller user terminals are cheaper to buy, install and maintain.
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Monitoring system and training tools via Avanti’s Operational Supporting Systems.
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Dual redundant GES in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with extensive international fibre ring ensuring resilience and security.


Avanti’s ground network has been designed with the same resilience and security in mind as our satellites. We understand the importance of being close to our customers, opening regional offices and building an advanced international network of dual-redundant Gateway Earth Stations with Points of Presence and a cross-connected fibre networks through Europe, the Middle East and Africa to ensure no single points of failure and a 99.9% uptime service level.

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