The Avanti Partner Programme

Approved Compatibility

Avanti Approved Compatibility is provided for both fixed install and transportable equipment which has met our Approved Compatibility technical standards and operational testing criteria.

Approved Compatibility

By using equipment with the Avanti Approved Compatibility logo, customers have confidence that the equipment meets the required technical standards and operational performance for use on the HYLAS fleet. Equipment without Avanti Approved Compatibility is not authorised for use on the HYLAS fleet. Avanti maintains a list of Avanti Approved Compatible equipment below. Additionally approved equipment should display the logo on the equipment itself, or on unit packaging or data sheets

  • C-Com
    98cm Vehicle Mounted Auto Pointing Ka-98G, Ka-98H
  • Sematron
    60cm and 98cm Manual Fly-Away
  • AvL
    60cm Manual Segmented Fly-Away
  • Cobham
    75cm and 1m Manual Segmented Fly-Away
  • Vislink
    65cm Mantis MSAT Segmented Fly-Away
  • Paradigm
    45cm Swarm-45 Ka Flat panel Fly-Away
  • KNS

    SuperTrack Z10MK3 Ka-Band Maritime antenna

    SuperTrack Z7MK3 Ka-Band Maritime antenna

  • GRC
    75cm SandFly Ka-band antenna system
  • Thinkom Solutions Inc
    ThinPack® Ka100T (5W)
  • EPAK
    EPAK® DSi9 Ka – Avanti version
  • SVS Telecom

    78cm and 120 cm Vehicle Mounted Auto Pointing

    Model numbers: SVSAT78-Ka & SVSAT120-Ka

  • Neta Elektronik

    74cm Vehicle Mounted Auto Pointing

    Model Number: MVA 75A

  • Crystop
    AutoSat IP Ka 85cm

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