Custom (I/GVNO)

Fully flexible managed service offering on multiple platforms

The capital free method of “owning and operating” your own hubs to create services supporting even the most complex applications.

Seamless high-speed IP data connectivity, with low capital investment to maximise the opportunities and margins for Service Providers, enables the core building block for bespoke and simple networks.

Product Features

Opportunities and margins are maximised with low capital investment and seamless high-speed connectivity.
  • Service Provider manages bandwidth usage across applications and geographies
  • Pricing and SLAs are set and managed by the Service Provider
  • Hub/chassis use and IP delivery to internet PoPs included
  • Based on iDirect and Hughes platforms
  • Hub connects to multiple satellites


Based on iDirect and Hughes platforms our Service Level Agreements range from up to 15Mbps with Hughes and 50Mbps with iDirect

  • Hughes

    Delivered on Hughes HN platform Standard Kit:

    ⦁ 74cm Prodlin Antenna (98cm and 120cm available)

    ⦁ 1 and 2W BUC options

    ⦁ HN 9600 and HN 9800 modems

    Max Download = 15Mbps

    Max Upload = 2.5Mbps

    IP Supported = Static & dynamic IP

  • iDirect

    The iDirect portfolio of satellite routers provide connectivity to a shared bandwidth platform spanning multiple satellites. iDirect offers a full line of compact satellite routers that integrate a satellite modem and IP router with TCP optimization over satellite, QoS prioritization and compression into an easily deployed, reliable one-box design.

    iDirect’s family of routers consists of Evolution® DVB-S2 models as well as the CX and iConnex family of router boards that can be easily integrated into third-party solutions.

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