Pure (HNO)

Pure space segment – build & run your own service on your own platform.

PURE Product

Suitable for established satellite Service Providers. PURE supports any satellite based data communications application on any vendor’s Ka-band hub.

ISPs own, install and operate their service from the earth station with no limitation on the technology used.


  • Service Providers own, install and manage their hub infrastructure at Avanti’s GES
  • Competitively priced space segment (MHz) bandwidth
  • Avanti managed RF and IP backhaul
  • Dual redundant GESs across Europe
  • Hub connects to multiple satellites


Service Providers often have preferences for vendor hardware. Avanti operates an open architecture enabling the use of any vendor’s hub or modem.

  • Hughes

    Delivered on Hughes HN platform Standard Kit:

    ⦁ 74cm Prodlin Antenna (98cm and 120cm available)

    ⦁ 1 and 2W BUC options

    ⦁ HN 9600 and HN 9800 modems

    Max Download = 15Mbps

    Max Upload = 2.5Mbps

    IP Supported = Static & dynamic IP

  • iDirect

    The iDirect portfolio of satellite routers provide connectivity to a shared bandwidth platform spanning multiple satellites. iDirect offers a full line of compact satellite routers that integrate a satellite modem and IP router with TCP optimization over satellite, QoS prioritization and compression into an easily deployed, reliable one-box design.

    iDirect’s family of routers consists of Evolution® DVB-S2 models as well as the CX and iConnex family of router boards that can be easily integrated into third-party solutions.

  • Newtec
    For over 30 years Newtec has developed satellite communication equipment and technologies for broadcast, government and defense, IP trunking and consumer and enterprise VSAT. Newtec’s dedicated team meets industry standards with efficient, scalable and economical solutions.
  • Gilat

    Delivered by SkyEdge II-c platform

    Single, Integrated Hub for Multiple Markets

    SkyEdge II-c is a high-performance, integrated hub system, enabling satellite service providers to support any application in any market. With SkyEdge II-c, operators can deliver a wide range of next-generation, high-speed services, from Consumer and Enterprise to IP Trunking, Mobility and Backhaul – all on a single platform.

  • NovelSat

    NovelSat products are designed around a high-performance software- defined architecture.

    This architecture comprises NovelSat SMOS (Satellite Modem Operating System) and embedded waveforms.

    As a result, all NovelSat modems, modulators, and demodulators are ‘Hardware-Ready Platforms’ that enable software scalability according to customer needs through multiple waveforms and a rich feature set. All NovelSat devices are fully interoperable with one another as well as with other standard satellite equipment.

  • Comtech

    Industry-Leading Bandwidth Efficiency

    Comtech offers two industry-leading brands – Comtech EF Data and Radyne – and the widest range of bandwidth-efficient Satellite Modems in the industry. Comtech’s award-winning Modems support satellite-based mobile backhaul, enable broadcast transmissions, power mission-critical military communications, and facilitate connectivity to remote offices. We offer indoor, outdoor / ruggedized and card-based models.

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