Select (SVNO)

Easy to manage Broadband packages for consumers and businesses on a low or no commitment basis.

SELECT Product

This entry level product provides fast, affordable broadband that reaches customers beyond the terrestrial network. SELECT requires lower upfront Service Provider commitment, yet offers a wide range of services suitable for consumer and professional broadband users.


  • Service packages are set and managed by Avanti, providing the Service Provider with monitoring and training tools through the Avanti Cloud and Partner Portal
  • Service Provider sets the end user pricing
  • A wide range of services available for consumers and professional users with a minimal commitment from the Service Provider


Our shared bandwidth product is an end-to-end solution that provides terminal equipment and a contended access path from an end-users property to the internet. Service levels are set by Avanti and currently range from 512/128kbps to 30/2Mbps.

  • Hughes

    Delivered on Hughes HN platform Standard Kit:

    ⦁ 74cm Prodlin Antenna (98cm and 120cm available)

    ⦁ 1 and 2W BUC options

    ⦁ HN 9600 and HN 9800 modems

    Max Download = 15Mbps

    Max Upload = 2.5Mbps

    IP Supported = Static & dynamic IP

  • Gilat

    Delivered by SkyEdge II-c platform

    Single, Integrated Hub for Multiple Markets

    SkyEdge II-c is a high-performance, integrated hub system, enabling satellite service providers to support any application in any market. With SkyEdge II-c, operators can deliver a wide range of next-generation, high-speed services, from Consumer and Enterprise to IP Trunking, Mobility and Backhaul – all on a single platform.

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