Our ADAPT product provides enterprises, government and internet service providers the capability to design and offer their own bespoke connectivity solutions to their end-users across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Highly flexible connectivity solution, ADAPT service allows customers to define and customise their own service offerings, with low capital investment and higher margin opportunities.

We provide wholesale dedicated bandwidth (in Mbps)  with services available on a range of platforms, which can be matched to the customer’s requirements.

With our resilient Ka-band connectivity, we provide fast, secure communications, and with our dual-redundant Gateway Earth Stations and ground infrastructure across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa our partners can rely on the superior high-quality service.



  • Low CAPEX – Partners buy bandwidth (in Mbps), build bespoke solutions tailored to end-user requirements, leveraging Avanti’s investment in a cutting-edge network
  • Service reliability – Unbeatable service quality and guaranteed data speeds delivered by Avanti’s proprietary resilient network
  • Bespoke services – Flexible operational capabilities allow partners to configure and customise their services according to end-users’ requirements
  • Extensive coverage of UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa

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