PURE simply provides spectrum for those who need to quickly extend their capacity and coverage.

PURE is designed for Satellite operators and satellite integrators who need extra satellite capacity to cover unmet demand and network gaps.

We provide the raw capacity, you install the hub of your choosing at one of our Gateway Earth Stations and we can support you with network backhaul from GES facilities to a range of Avanti network Points of Presence (PoPs), and interconnect and internet transit services at such PoPs to support integration with 3rd party or private networks.

Ultimately, you own, install and operate your service to meet your customers’ demands.


  • Rapid Deployment – Partners can quickly move into high value markets to cover unmet demand and network gaps
  • Full Platform Flexibility Partners choose and provide their own platform
  • Bespoke Services Flexible operational capabilities allow partners to configure and customize their services
  • Resilient Service Partners can benefit from Avanti’s resilient network
  • Cost-efficient – Partners purchase competitively priced white labelled capacity (MHz)
  • Full coverage – Extensive coverage of UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa


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