Avanti tackles some of the world’s most pressing challenges by bringing together the public and private sectors to transform lives through internet access, education and technology innovation.

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Led by Avanti and its partners – UK Department for International Development (DFID), sQuid, Whizz Education and Camara Education – Project iMlango is a first of its kind e-learning partnership, created to deliver improved educational outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills for over 180,000 children in 245 schools across Kenya.

The project provides high-speed internet connectivity to rural and remote schools; tailored online educational content; electronic attendance monitoring; in-field technology and support resources; as well as real-time project monitoring/measurement.

Not only does the satellite broadband directly improve education for the children, it also has an impact on teachers who are able to access new content and deliver their lessons in a far more interactive way. Teachers who were not familiar with the technology were trained to use it and findings show that 84.4% of teachers found it easier to teach this way.

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The iKnowledge project, led by Avanti, delivers high-speed satellite broadband  coupled with ICT equipement and digital skills training for teachers to schools across Tanzania. Students also have access to computer labs where they learn basic ICT skills and make use of various eLearning platforms.  The project has successfully delivered a scalable service that combined high-speed satellite internet, wireless access and educational content to teachers and students at over 300 schools.

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Satellite Enablement for Disaster Risk Reduction in Kenya (SatDRR)

Working with the Ministry of Interior and Red Cross Society in Kenya, Avanti and its partners are undertaking a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programme, which uses satellite technology to improve Kenyan capacity to plan for and respond to disasters effectively.

Kenya is prone to disasters, like droughts, floods or disease outbreaks. The recurrent nature of these disasters in Kenya inherently affects the capacity of communities to recover, which lowers economic output and holds back development year on year.

Effective well-organised and prepared responses help mitigate the effects of disasters. Avanti’s satellite systems provide a secure, resilient, always-on infrastructure in disaster situations – providing critical tools for emergency communications and situation assessment. The project supports the development of Kenyan Agencies and Responders by enhancing coordination, command and control of disaster response at local, regional and national level.

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Led by Avanti, SaT5G is a pioneering project that looks at the integration of satellite communications and terrestrial networks to support 5G services.

Working with partners across Europe, Avanti is looking at how Ka-band satellite, including equipment, can integrate with 5G to help reduce network congestion and support 5G networks in areas which lack terrestrial infrastructure.

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