Keeping connected while on the move through resilient satellite communications.

The explosion in the accessibility and capability of smart devices has caused modern military forces to rethink their approach to mobility and communications. The need to receive military-grade surveillance imagery, send encrypted messages and data files, conduct video conferencing on the move, or even control drones, all from a single smart device, means that the model of static headquarters controlling layers (or echelons) of forces, each with their command and control nodes, is no longer a safe or practical way of working.

We work alongside our technology partners to provide the very latest in Ka-band satellite communications to militaries across EMEA enabling them to stay connected while on the move.

SOTM will provide military and government users:

  • Supporting operations where terrestrial communications are either limited, available, or in some situations compromised
  • The ability to maintain situational awareness and connectivity across widely dispersed forces, without interrupting speed of advance or operations
  • The ability to maintain communications across the full range of transport modes – air, sea, riverine, land
  • The ability to exploit Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities for logistics, medical, C4ISR, Machine2Machine (M2M) and HUMS, generating a fully-informed common operating picture across all military disciplines

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment of service to a region of operation
  • Risk reduction in the generation of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) imagery and data
  • Data is collected and transmitted covertly and at speed
  • Interconnection for widely distributed sites and interoperability for disparate networks, including RF networks, cellular traffic and Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Extensive coverage of UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa



SATCOM on the Move for Military Users

Keeping connected while on the move through resilient satellite communications

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