Cost efficient with minimal investment required

The formula for Ka-band High Throughput Satellites cost-effective capacity is fairly straightforward – The greater the number of MHz per satellite + more Mbps per MHz = lower cost per Mbps

Beyond the simple formulae, Avanti offer a cloud-based interface that allows you to become a virtual network operator with minimal investment. Added to this, predictable CAPEX costs – with installed costs per satellite link as low as €1000 – make it easy to budget plan, and reduced OPEX costs due to Ka-band having up to 70% reduced power consumption than microwave will help deliver more efficient running costs.

And it is not just the fixed costs – with minimal planning costs, and re-deployable equipment that you can use again and again across your network. With the added ability to connect new communities that may have not been financially feasible you will see that the cost benefits of our Smarter Backhaul can be quickly realised.


Carrier Case Studies

Our Smarter Backhaul is proven, and our clients include some of the world’s largest MNOs. Avanti’s new technology brings unparalleled quality and flexibility, facilitating a new generation of backhaul capacity via satellite.

  • Extending EE's 4G network

    Extending EE’s 4G network

    Avanti Communications, delivers EE, the UK’s largest Mobile Network Operator, ubiquitous 4G Satellite Cellular Backhaul across the UK.

  • Mobile Network Extension for world leading Mobile Network Operator

    Mobile Network Extension for world leading Mobile Network Operator

    Read how Avanti is extending Mobile Networks via Satellite Backhaul for a leading European MNO