We provide you with a flexible, high performance service which adapts and scales to meet any challenges your business may face


Avanti’s Ka-band satellites provide the high throughput and flexibility needed to support a wide range of enterprise applications in a variety of vertical markets.

Higher quality at a lower cost

Enterprise customers in sectors such as Energy, Security and SNG choose VSAT for its ubiquity and security. Either for primary VPNs, backup, or occasional use, Avanti delivers these services at higher quality and lower cost than previously possible.

Satellite for enterprise connectivity

Enterprise Case Studies

  • Staying Ahead of the Trade

    Staying Ahead of the Trade

    Reliable, stable and dependable satellite connectivity

  • HD Coverage of Oscar Pistorius Trial

    HD Coverage of Oscar Pistorius Trial

    HD coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial

  • Global HD Coverage

    Global HD Coverage

    World-leading broadcaster uses Avanti’s global HD Ka-band coverage

  • High-speed Connectivity

    High-speed Connectivity

    Deployed onshore and offshore across the Middle East


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