Whether you need to move vast amounts of data from point to point, or trickle tiny volumes of data from a large number of sites, we can tailor our service to suit your individual business needs.

Avanti has the Energy industry covered

Avanti’s extensive reach across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) means your remote sites are within our reach. Our network quality and high data throughput ensure you will always receive the service you need. Industries, including:
Satellite used for oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Renewable energy
  • Utilities
  • Water

Energy Benefits

  • 100% In-Country Coverage – Delivers a national service through a single hub
  • Hub Agnostic – Integrates with any vendor’s hub, delivering maximum flexibility and choice
  • High Throughput – Unlimited data transfer at speeds of up to 425Mbps
  • Cost-Effective – Outstanding Mbps throughput per $ delivers price advantages over Ku and C band.

Products for the Energy Industry

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.

Focus Applications

We provide the Energy sector with robust and reliable connectivity. This allows for the delivery of applications supporting remote communication, monitoring, security and mobility.

Case Studies

  • Keeping South Africa's Lights On

    Keeping South Africa’s Lights On

    Providing High-Speed Satellite Broadband to Solar Energy Plants

  • Connecting South Africa's Mines

    Connecting South Africa’s Mines

    Avanti and Logical Wireless connecting the mining industry

  • High-speed Connectivity

    High-speed Connectivity

    Deployed onshore and offshore across the Middle East


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