Reliable and secure high speed data transfer for the financial industry


Avanti’s Ka-band satellite technology is the fastest and most secure way to deliver financial services in remote locations.


The financial industry is required to reach and support the needs of their rural customers. Unfortunately terrestrial infrastructure in rural areas is poor or non-existent, hindering progress. For the first time banks and financial institutions have the opportunity to establish services that would otherwise not be possible to roll out.

Satellite used for banking

Benefits for the Finance sector

  • Corporate Networks Connectivity – Allows digital connectivity between different sites of large companies
  • VPN Applications – When the main requirements are VPN tunnelling with Public or Private IP addresses, and traffic encryption
  • Connectivity for Transactional Services – Money transfer and banking applications are prioritised over day-to-day office applications
  • Automatic Telling Machines (ATMs) – The main requirements are Closed Users Group with private IP addresses; and Committed Information Rate (CIR) to allow reliable authentication and authorisation of transactions

Products for the Finance sector

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.

Case Studies

  • Staying Ahead of the Trade

    Staying Ahead of the Trade

    Reliable, stable and dependable satellite connectivity


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