Government – Civil

Assured access to reliable connectivity

Our satellite solutions provide secure, rapid and reliable connectivity for government digital inclusion programmes, disaster relief management and critical services.

We collaborate with government research and institutional organisations such as DFID, European Defence Agency, European Space Agency and UK Space Agency to deliver leading edge critical connectivity solutions in the most rural and remote regions in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Proud to champion quality education

As a representative Business Avenger for the UN’s Global Goals initiative, we are focused on facilitating access to quality education and information for everyone. Together, with our trusted network of partners, we deliver end-to-end educational and entrepreneurship programmes across Africa.

Why choose high throughput satellite connectivity solutions?

Unlock rural access to a wide range of services such as online educational resources, connected healthcare and access to information.

Provide critical infrastructure backup when terrestrial alternatives fail or are ineffective.

Ensure access to high reliability voice and broadband data.

Cost effectively reach the most rural/remote regions where mobile networks are unavailable or unreliable.

From the Knowledge Centre

The Difference We Make

From educating over 300,000 children in Africa to delivering connectivity to refugee camps, we provide vital connectivity when and where it is needed most.

Our Coverage

We cover 82% of the world’s top 10 fastest growing economies. Check out our extensive coverage across EMEA.

Our Superior Technology

With fixed and flexible beam satellite technology and a superior ground network, we guarantee highly reliable and secure connectivity.