We believe digital inclusion is essential

At Avanti, we’re committed to going the extra mile, liberating potential and transforming lives, in even the remotest areas.


Inclusive access to information, education and health services

We have already successfully delivered education projects to thousands of schools across Africa. Working closely with governments and Project Partners, we provide reliable and fast satellite broadband, ICT equipment, eLearning platforms and digital skills training, ensuring teachers and students have access to the latest digital opportunities.

We deliver connectivity to innovation hubs, enabling entrepreneurs to develop and nurture their business applications and access business and financial information. Community members can also use the hubs as a platform to improve ICT skills, as well as being able to search for employment and digital opportunities.

Through our broadband services, we also support healthcare initiatives, health professionals and community members, so everyone can easily access online health services, information and advice.

We have the vision and technology to bridge the digital divide. Because everyone has the right to a connected future.


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Helping Governments improve services for citizens

  • Delivering fast and secure connectivity in and to remote locations
  • Meet the demands of national education, health, and public safety programmes
  • Digital inclusion: Provide cost-effective, high-speed internet to deliver national universal service obligations and programmes to connect rural areas
  • Proven performance in varied operating environments




Avanti Communications’ HYLAS 4 satellite to deliver digital education to African schools

Avanti has agreed a partnership with Global Partnership for Education (“GPE”), to deliver satellite broadband via its new High Throughput Ka-band Satellite, HYLAS 4, to 1,000 rural schools across Africa.


Avanti Communications closes the digital divide for 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students in Tanzania with its award-winning iKnowledge project

Avanti is delighted to announce that it has won the “Changing Lives” award for its innovative iKnowledge Project at East Africa Com 2018.


iKnowledge Marginalised Girls

Promoting education for marginalised girls across Tanzania.


iKnowledge Zeze School

iKnowledge Project brings high-speed satellite broadband, digital skills training for teachers and e-Learning to Tanzanian schools.