Defence & Security

Scalable bandwidth for every mission type, whenever and wherever it’s needed

Defence and Security

Avanti offers security and encryption at multiple stages of its network infrastructure, making it ideal for trunking in Government and Military agencies.

Delivering secure, core communications for military operations, Avanti’s Ka-band satellite broadband provides:

  • 10 Mbps for demanding C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) requirements and applications
  • The ability to stream high definition video, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data and geo-spatial imagery
  • Access to the widest range of end user terminals and devices from  portable, lightweight and discrete vehicle options to fixed headquarter infrastructure
  • The flexibility and agility to match operating locations and deployment timelines with users’ requirements – truly pay as you ‘go out the door’

Avanti Solutions for Defence and Security

Avanti understands the modern data rich battlefield and the increasing reliance on connectivity for situational awareness, command and control, computing, ISR, welfare or the exploitation of open sources via the internet, media and social media. And yet military operation occur at speed, in complex, contested and often austere and non-benign locations, and invariably in environments deprived or denied access to established communications infrastructure. Avanti’s Ka-band connectivity can provide Megabits of connectivity to deployed users with a speed and flexibility that matches the military tempo. Flexible data rates, flexible operating locations, flexible end-user terminals and flexible encryption – Avanti can scale or surge to support singleton users or Brigade-level headquarters.
  • Focused, high-powered beams delivering 10 Mbps for demanding C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) requirements and applications
  • Higher frequencies meaning that terminals can be smaller than other SATCOM solutions and can provide higher data rate communications at lower cost
  • Discreet and compact terminals delivering connectivity direct to deployed HQs and enabling video teleconferencing, open source intelligence and information exploitation, HD-quality ISR and CCTV interrogation, multi-media and surveillance solutions, even on the move.
  • Small “manpack” terminals delivering 4Mbps to ground operations
  • Inherently low probability of intercept (LPI)
  • Multi-bearer compatibility providing flexibility to switch between commercial Ka-band or Milsat frequencies
  • End-user specified encryption
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Products for Defence & Security Organisations

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.

  • Avanti CONNECT

    Avanti CONNECT

    Avanti CONNECT provides fast, affordable satellite broadband that reaches customers within and beyond the terrestrial network.

  • Avanti ADAPT

    Avanti ADAPT

    For Avanti partners who need tailored solutions to address connectivity challenges across a variety of applications and end-user needs.

  • Avanti PURE

    Avanti PURE

    With Avanti PURE, you own, install and manage your hub infrastructure to provide satellite services using Avanti’s Gateway Earth Station.

  • Avanti SERVE

    Avanti SERVE

    We provide managed services that deliver bespoke end-to-end connectivity solutions to large enterprises, mobile network operators and Governments


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