Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Delivering the communication backbone for emergency services Avanti’s Ka-band satellite broadband provides:

– The bandwidth needed to deliver LTE services to remote areas, not served by fibre

– Greater resilience than Microwave or other terrestrial networks

– Higher frequencies – meaning that Ka-band Terminals can be smaller than other SATCOM solutions, and can provide higher data rate communications at lower cost

– The ability for command vehicles to exploit video teleconferencing, multi-media and surveillance solutions, even on the move

Benefits for Emergency Services

In times of crisis mobile communications cannot always be relied upon. Communication networks can become overloaded or suspended and in remote and rural areas, there may be a lack of established infrastructure.  And yet in today’s connected world, communications are increasingly important to provide situational awareness and maintain command and control. Avanti’s Ka-band connectivity provides secure and reliable high-speed connections that can support all emergency data and information requirements and communications systems, even in the most rural of locations or when all other cellular communications have failed.
  • Ka-band SATCOM, already integrated with 4G and LTE nodes, provides the means to restore communications infrastructure – anywhere
  • Bronze and Silver command posts can operate independently of failed terrestrial communications systems, and with the bandwidth to deliver video teleconferencing and multi-media communications and the ability to receive and monitor CCTV surveillance
  • Avanti provides first responders, eyes on the ground, or tiered commands, with portable communications providing mega-bits of capacity on demand
  • In short, Avanti’s Ka-band connectivity can enhance, ensure and assure critical communications, command and control, wherever it is required

Products for Emergency Services

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.

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Case Studies

  • Extending EE's 4G network

    Extending EE’s 4G network

    Avanti Communications, delivers EE, the UK’s largest Mobile Network Operator, ubiquitous 4G Satellite Cellular Backhaul across the UK.


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