Ubiquitous high speed satellite connectivity to deliver Government Services, nationally and internationally

Avanti Ka-band connectivity can enable government organisations to:

– Meet the demands of national education, health, and public safety programmes, even in the most remote locations

– Provide cost-effective, high-speed internet to deliver national scale communications programmes to connect rural areas

– Augment national broadband programmes by delivering high data rates to rural communities unsupported by urban-centric fibre roll-out

– Meet internet governance and control requirements through the use of national ground earth stations

In order to bring the benefits of digitisation and connectivity to the widest possible population, quickly and affordably.

Benefits for the Government sector

Satellite broadband is already recognised by many governments as an essential component in delivering basic broadband services in rural regions. Our experience, gained by delivering broadband to end users in Scotland, Northern Ireland and hundreds of schools in Africa, has shown that Ka-band technology is a game-changing capability to deliver broadband services to rural regions and to provide national coverage, cost effectively, and quickly. Avanti’s Ka-band service is:
  • Proven to integrate with LTE and 4G, providing infill for Public Safety and Security networks more cost-effectively than fibre in remote locations
  • Independent of terrestrial fibre, or microwave connectivity
  • Proven to provide reliable, high data-rate connectivity, more cost-effectively and be established more quickly than fibre programmes can deliver
  • Able to rebuild and restore national or regional communications infrastructure in the wake of disasters in order to quickly recover government control and the coordination and delivery of government services

Products for the Governments sector

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.

Focus Applications

Avanti supports mission critical applications delivering high quality data connectivity:

Case Studies

  • Saving the Rhino

    Saving the Rhino

    Providing reliable broadband connectivity for UAV solutions and active prevention of of rhino poaching

  • Internet Connectivity for Kenyan Entrepreneurs

    Internet Connectivity for Kenyan Entrepreneurs

    Avanti is working with the Kenyan government to provide internet connectivity to young adults and entrepreneurs

  • Connected Health

    Connected Health

    Avanti connects healthcare units across the UK

  • iKnowledge - Project Overview

    iKnowledge – Project Overview

    The iKnowledge Project brings high speed satellite broadband and digital skills training to teachers in Tanzanian schools

  • Bridging the Digital Divide

    Bridging the Digital Divide

    Italy’s enterprises connected via Avanti’s Ka-band satellites

  • Education for every child

    Education for every child

    Avanti accelerates e-learning in Africa with high-speed satellite broadband.

  • Project iMlango

    Project iMlango

    Avanti delivers connected education to marginalised children in Kenya


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