Avanti was the first satellite operator to commercially deliver 3G Ka-band satellite backhaul in EMEA.

Then, we were the first to deliver 4G Ka-band satellite backhaul for Mobile Operators. We have earned our reputation for innovation and we never cease to look for new ways to connect the world.

We are 3G, 4G and 5G ready.

The Smarter backhaul

Our cost-effective backhaul services seamlessly integrate into complex mobile networks. They can be rolled out to rural and remote areas, extending network coverage further than ever before.

With our built-in flexibility and bandwidth pooling concept, we provide extra capacity to multiple sites to manage those peak data times, taking the strain off the mobile network, whether it’s keeping customers connected at an event or during summer at a popular destination.

We are also entrusted to provide 4G backhaul to emergency services, providing them access to critical communications when they need it most.

Deliver the optimal user experience

Our satellite backhaul has been designed to deliver the optimal user experience your customers demand:

  • Speed: Deliver rapid reach into rural and remote locations
  • Flexibility: Seamlessly integrates into your existing network management systems
  • Quality:  ‘Always on’ with 99.95%+ availability
  • Adaptability: Supports multiple backhaul scenarios
  • Affordability: Cost-effective network expansion
  • Reach: Extensive coverage of UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Products for Mobile Network Operators

End-to-end managed service                                      


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