Security Integrators

Avanti’s Ka-band satellite technology provides secure, reliable, and affordable connectivity for your CCTV surveillance networks. This gives Security Integrators the ability to service locations previously inaccessible or poorly serviced by fixed or mobile connections.

Security Integrators

The significant rise of theft and sabotage on farms and construction sites located beyond fixed line access and cellular connectivity is generating a huge demand for security monitoring solutions. The question is, how do you protect your customers in rural locations where connectivity providers cannot offer the services you demand?

Security Integrators Benefits

  • Cost-Effective – Outstanding Mbps throughput per $ delivers price advantages over Ku and C band
  • Fast deployment and scalability – Any application can be deployed quickly with minimal or no civil works
  • 24/7 customer support – Multi-line support via a 24/7/365 UK based helpdesk



Keeping an Eye on Construction

24-hour live-streaming and project monitoring on multiple construction sites in Europe.