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Internet connectivity is a key enabler of social and economic development, providing a platform for reducing poverty, improving healthcare and education and driving economic growth. However, availability or access to the internet is unjustly constrained by local infrastructure.

Avanti’s satellite broadband connectivity tackles infrastructural challenges, delivering digital solutions and opportunities directly to start-ups, SMEs and communities. We are bringing people and communities into the digital era, empowering them to access a wealth of information, services and opportunities only possible through the internet.

We provide innovative, flexible and tailored connectivity services for partners through either a range of pre-defined broadband packages that have been designed to suit customer’s needs, technical requirements and budgets or become a virtual network operator and fully design and manage bandwidth plans using Avanti’s Operation Support System. Avanti’s satellite footprint and spot beam architecture mean we provide 100% in-country coverage, ensuring nobody is beyond reach, no matter how remote they are.

With our network of dual-redundant Gateway Earth Stations spanning across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, you can be sure your customer will receive best in class broadband services with market leading download speeds, unparalleled reliability, and all at the most competitive prices.


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Up to 50 Mbps

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Extensive coverage of Europe,
the Middle East and Africa

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Fast deployment and installation
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We understand that being a partner of Avanti is more than just buying bandwidth and that’s why we run a dedicated partner programme for ISPs. This aims to give support to all of our partners, regardless of their size. We offer services such as marketing and sales support, aiming to help you grow your business using some of the expertise we have developed in the satellite industry over the years. Not only will you have a dedicated partner relationship manager who can assist with marketing campaigns and events but we also give our partners access to the partner portal which provides everything you need to service your customers with our always-on, fast and affordable satellite broadband services.

Not only can Avanti’s partners make use of our monitoring and service procurement systems and training tools through our Operational Supporting Systems but our Ka-band technology brings your end users the additional benefits of being cheaper and easier to install and maintain equipment. With tools such as Avanti Mobile Assist which optimises the installation process by supporting job allocation, antenna line-up, initiation of service and reporting for engineers we make installation as cost-effective and streamlined as possible.

Our partners can leverage on our strong partner programme that includes:

  • Avanti’s Proprietary OSS – puts you in total control, enabling you to configure and manage your services at any time
  • Training programmes
  • Marketing tools
  • Dedicated partner relationship manager
  • 24 x7 operational support
  • Event support

To find out more about our Partner Programme, complete the form and a member of the team will be in touch.


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Located at high altitude, we are in a dead zone for 3G connectivity. Doing business without connectivity is impossible. In the past, we have had situations where we’ve been days without broadband. It’s just not acceptable. Now we have satellite broadband, everything is easy. Satellite broadband is as crucial as my greenhouse, my office, or my car. You cannot do business if you cannot communicate.”

Peter Van Der Meer, Dümmen Orange Group, Flower breeder, Kenya