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Powerful Possibilities

Turn market potential into revenue opportunities with the next generation in high throughput steerable beams.

Immediate access to Ka-band capacity on a steerable beam pointed wherever you want.

With 920MHz bandwidth capabilities in each beam, Telcos, MNOs, Governments and Satellite Operators can deliver service to high value verticals.

Commercial Flexibility

Avanti’s steerable beams provide highly flexible capacity wherever you may need it. Our flexible proposition means Telcos, MNOs, Governments and Satellite Operators can gain immediate access to steerable Ka-band capacity through three flexible options:
  • Full Steering Rights – Gives you the ability to move the beam(s) at any time within the agreed term.
  • Initial Pointing Rights – You can nominate a single location where the beam stays fixed for the duration of an agreed term.
  • Guaranteed Capacity – You can request a location at a lower capacity; Avanti will place the beams in locations with the most requests. (Beam placement dictated by aggregated demand and is co-terminus dependant).


Steerable coverage

Access high value vertical markets

Move quickly into high value markets and deliver high speed satellite communications to cover unmet demand and large network gaps.

  • Mobility


    In-fill coverage and capacity

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

    Fast and reliable connectivity

  • Broadcasters


    High availability and quality content

  • Defence & Security

    Defence & Security

    Immediate and secure capacity

  • Governments and Regulators

    Governments and Regulators

    Universal broadband coverage

  • Mobile Network Operators

    Mobile Network Operators

    Improved network backhaul capacity and coverage

  • Satellite Operators

    Satellite Operators

    Immediately solve capacity supply issues


Features of the steerable beams

  • Flexible Commercials – Choose from full steerable rights, initial pointing rights and guaranteed capacity.
  • Flexible Coverage – Steerable beams can be pointed to any location within the satellite’s field of view.
  • Frequencies – The steerable beams can operate within Government, Civil band and BSS frequencies.
  • Carrier Grade Throughput – Data rates in excess of 360Mbps downlink and 230Mbps uplink over twin 230MHz channels.
  • Layered Security Approach – Telemetry, Tracking & Control protected by AES-256 TM/T. Compliant with user-selected end-to-end encryption.
  • Assured Availability – Availability and steerage rights are user-assured and non-preemptible.
  • Ka-Band Advantage – Smaller, lighter, more power-efficient Ka-band terminals give greater agility, extended use and easier logistics.
  • Diversity and Resilience – Steerable beams can be anchored to two Gateways, both diverse for resilience.

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