Internet connectivity to the most rural and marginalised communities

The internet is a critical enabler for social and economic change. It facilitates access to information, education, commerce, entrepreneurship and is revolutionising areas like agriculture, energy, healthcare and many others. The role of the internet and technology is particularly important for sustainable development.

Simplifying remote connectivity

Through the concept of leapfrogging, developing countries can often skip expensive technology and infrastructure and move directly to more advanced ones that are cheaper and cleaner.

Why invest in expensive infrastructure like fixed telephone lines when you have mobile phone technology?

Why create big banking institutions with expensive overheads like staff and buildings when you can use mobile banking on your phone?

Why invest in expensive power plants that pollute when communities can get cheap and clean solar power via micro-grids and home solar solutions?

Connect the unconnected

Technology and internet connectivity can be a tool for social change but in rural communities it is often slow, intermittent or not available at all.

We connect the unconnected by providing high-speed internet connectivity to the most rural and marginalised communities in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Europe to address the needs of those who would otherwise be left behind. We partner with national governments and the likes of DFID, USAID and the World Bank to launch digitally connected solutions delivering the SDGs.

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  • Connected Education – Improved maths, literacy and life skills for 68,000 marginalised girls with the iMlango project through a multimillion pound partnership with DFID
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship – Providing high speed broadband to entrepreneurs at over 1,000 Constituency Incubation Hubs
  • Emergency relief – Providing secure satellite communications for emergency situations such as conflict, famine, floods and disease outbreaks


  • Connected Education – Connected 9,600 teachers to the internet, trained 570 teachers to improve the digital skills of 216,000 children through the iKnowledge project.
  • Recipient of the “Changing Lives” award for outstanding impact (East Africa Com 2018)

South Africa 

  • AgriTech – Helping small and mid-sized farms access affordable precision farming
  • Connected Education – Connecting 222 libraries to high speed internet providing over 2,032 workstations with connectivity



  • Healthcare – Mobile Health solutions allow remote and marginalised communities to access specialist diagnostics and advice from doctors and nurses based elsewhere via phones, computers and tablets. This is only possible with reliable broadband internet connectivity.
  • Agriculture – AgriTech solutions like in-field sensors enable farmers to deliver the correct amount of water to each plant rather than watering the whole field, helping save water and costs. Providing small-holder farmers with access to the latest market information via the internet helps them price their crops accurately. Access to weather forecasts helps farmers plan for the future and avoid disruption to their crops. Internet connectivity is an enabler for these solutions.
  • Affordable & Clean Energy – solar microgrid solutions can deliver clean, cheap and stable energy to rural communities. With access to the internet, the microgrids can be remote controlled. Connectivity also enables real time monitoring, analytics and data collection across multiple sites

Internet connectivity is a crucial enabler for digital solutions tied to the SDGs.



Avanti Communications Demonstrates Satellite on the Move Capabilities with GetSAT’s MicroSat Terminal

Avanti Communications Group plc (“Avanti”), a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”), and GetSat, a pioneer in micronised, integrated satellite terminals, has successfully demonstrated the outstanding potential of modern Satellite on the Move (SOTM) capabilities.


Avanti Communications Announces Project to Enhance Kenya’s Disaster Response Communications

Avanti and GetSat, a pioneer in micronised, integrated satellite terminals, has successfully demonstrated the outstanding potential of modern Satellite on the Move (SOTM) capabilities.


Avanti Communications signs Master Distributor contract for HYLAS 4 with iWayAfrica

The contract will see iWayAfrica deploy high-speed satellite broadband services from Avanti’s HYLAS 4 satellite for consumers and enterprises across Sub-Saharan Africa