Delivering Universal Broadband with Avanti

Scotland has Broadband Reach thanks to Avanti


Despite significant investment in network infrastructure Scotland still had many rural areas where broadband access remained impossible.

The Scottish Government sponsored a project to deliver broadband services to the most remote parts of the country. A capital budget of £3.3m was made available to support the project.

Following an international tender Avanti was chosen as the primary supplier of a satellite based broadband solution and over 2000 installations were completed bringing broadband to parts of rural Scotland for the very first time.

Best Practice – Key Points:

  • – No one solution fits everywhere
  • – Standalone satellite for remote locations.
  • – Small wireless clusters with satellite backhaul can be very cost effective where fixed line broadband is non-existent or of poor quality.
  • – Bandwidth choice is valued. With ADSL / cable, the maximum bandwidth is determined by locality and is very low for rural populations.
  • – The Scottish Government ensured project success by effective marketing to its constituents – this provided a platform of customers to attract industry interest.
  • – Central procurement offered better scale than community grants.
  • – The Scottish Government tender was technology neutral – this ensured that all potential technologies could be considered and ensured value-for money for the people of Scotland.
  • – Avanti delivered.