Making Ka-band rain resilient

Delivering high-quality satellite connectivity in all weather conditions


Avanti Communication has redefined yet another aspect of the satellite communications market by making rain fade yesterday’s problem. Through its investment, meticulous design and implementation of the latest technologies it has virtually eliminated rain fade issues for its customers. This paper explains how this was achieved.

Whereas Ka systems have opened up a new era in satellite communications – enabling high speed, cost effective service – the market is quickly learning that not all Ka-band satellite operators are equal. In fact there are enormous differences between the performance standards of competing Ka systems.

Ka-band is not a guarantee of quality, choosing the right operator is. This is why Avanti urges prospective purchasers of Ka services to closely examine both the quality and flexibility of an operator prior to any commercial commitment.

Key considerations in choosing an operator should include:

– Diversity – what redundancy measures are employed to guarantee high levels of availability?

– Coverage – do the Ka spot beams provide full coverage with no gaps?

– Beam clustering – can national service be delivered through a single gateway?

– Spectral efficiency – does the bandwidth have sufficient power per MHz to deliver the communications services required using the smallest possible dishes?

– Vendor platforms – does the operator employ a single vendor strategy or provide open architecture?

– Control – to what degree do customers have the ability to control and configure their service?

– Advanced Applications – are customers able to shape their own applications or choose from preformed plug-and-play applications?

– Commercials – is the operator flexible in their approach to contractual and commercial needs?

This paper provides detailed analysis of how Avanti guarantees high performance for customers, no matter how challenging the environment.

Avanti, making Ka-band rain resilient