Avanti recognises that some operators require only the raw components of bandwidth, power and coverage in order to integrate into their own service platforms. Unlike many operators of Ka-band satellites, we have responded to this high demand and created a range of wholesale capacity products available across our fixed and steerable beam coverage that include gateway and loop-back connectivity. Both wholesale MHz and Mb/s leases are available on flexible lease terms. These are ideally suited for fully integrated operators in the enterprise, aeronautical and maritime sectors. Alongside our raw bandwidth offer, we can also provide gateway hosting services, permitting integrators to choose and manage their preferred platform technologies.

Some of our current work:

  • Avanti are currently working with a large Telco to provide back-up solutions to their top 800 customers;
  • Avanti works with large system integrator to provide connectivity to villages in Afghanistan;
  • We provide cellular backhaul solutions for our Partners’ MNO customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa;

Energy exploration and production occur in some of the most remote places on earth, including offshore deep-water platforms, onshore sites and ships. Our satellite connectivity supports vital end-user nodes including live video monitoring, real-time drilling, data management and seismic information surveillance.


  • Extensive In-Country Coverage – Delivers a national service through a single hub
  • Hub Agnostic – Integrates with any vendor’s hub, delivering maximum flexibility and choice
  • High Throughput – Unlimited data transfer at speeds of up to 425Mbps
  • Cost-Effective – Outstanding Mbps throughput per $ delivers price advantages over Ku and C band.

We partner with systems integrators to provide the mining and construction industry with high-speed satellite internet connectivity in remote places.


  • High-speed satellite connectivity improves day-to-day operations
  • The ability to communicate via phone, email or Skype from any location with other sites means that jobs are finished quicker and more efficiently
  • Workers can rely on strong and consistent onsite communications with fellow employees and customers
  • Staff morale improves as workers can stay in touch with colleagues and family whilst working remotely

Our Aero Partnerships can support Inflight Connectivity Service Providers with in-fill coverage and capacity:

  • High quality, low cost bandwidth for peak demand network in-fill
  • Flexible purchase and allocation of bandwidth across multiple beams and satellites
  • Operation of bespoke or standardised Avanti ground platforms
  • Steerable beams that can track moving objects or respond rapidly to demand shifts

We help deliver fast and secure financial services in remote locations

The financial industry is required to reach and support the needs of their rural customers. Unfortunately terrestrial infrastructure in rural areas is poor or non-existent, hindering progress. Avanti can support integrators establish services that would otherwise not be possible to roll out.


  • Corporate Networks Connectivity – Allows digital connectivity between different sites of large companies
  • VPN Applications – When the main requirements are VPN tunnelling with Public or Private IP addresses, and traffic encryption
  • Connectivity for Transactional Services – Money transfer and banking applications are prioritised over day-to-day office applications
  • Automatic Telling Machines (ATMs) – The main requirements are Closed Users Group with private IP addresses; and Committed Information Rate (CIR) to allow reliable authentication and authorisation of transactions